Our system for briquetting has briquette press wich works in combination with mill. Role of the mill is to cut biomass and prepare it for use in briquetting process. Prepared biomass is pneumatically transporting into mixer, and then from mixer it is transporting and dosed by the screw conveyor during briquetting process. Due to the pressure created into the press, and friction force also, it is coming up to warming up biomass wich is further try the process drying and compressing into briquett without adding any glue or additive. Briquette production line is very easy for handling and one person can control and serve the maschine.

It contains:

Briquette press BioBriket 150 MANUAL
Hammer mill TIP 300
Transport line for straw input TIP 4000

Dimensions of the complete line:

Installed power: 32.3 kW

Price:  18500 EUR   

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This product has a CE certificate for export to EU countries.