Bio diesel processor represents a complete producing system for bio diesel fuel. As raw material for the production of this ecological fuel is used cold processing oil of all kinds, the so called “ oil seed plants ” (look at our machines for cold pressing oil) and animal fat. You can use both edible and waste materials. The capacity of the processor on daily basis is 720l. You can add oil and alcohol in the processor for the production and catalyser. By titration process you denote the needed components to get quality bio diesel. A complete process for the production of bio diesel lasts 6h and for production of fuel oil is 2h. After the completion of the process, the fuel is filtered and refined in dry wash to fill into power machines.

Biodiesel processor is an ideal solution for slaughter industry because it can produce heat energy with any type of waste fat production. In  this way you get biologist oil – the cheapest energy source. The use of this energy source is also ecologically justified. The gasses produced by this combustion are decomposed in nature for only 15 days. In this way all pollution standards prescribed by the EU are full filled.


Height : 185cm
Width : 50cm
Length : 60cm
Capacity : 160l/6h
Material : HDPE self-extinguishing
Input power : 6750W
Electricity consumption : 3,5kWh per process
Investment chemistry : manually
Mechanical filter : 5 micron 10
Chemical filter (dry wash ) : 3-5l/min
Process control : a cabinet, complete automation
Handgun : metal-plastic
Anti-static tube
Three-phase connection
Attestation of Mechanial Engineering faculty

Guarantee : 12 months
Delivery the 2 - 5 days

Price:  3500 EUR 

BONUS: For each bought machine with us, you get free delivery, installation, commissioning and training by an expert.

This product has a CE certificate for export to EU countries.

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