Screw conveyor briquette press made for compressing minced biomass, with moisture up to 15%, with capacity of 110-190kg/h depending which biomass you use(reed, straw, soybean straw, corn stalks, hay etc). Briquette that you get from this briquette press i compact and has exceptional calorie value, 17000kcJ.

Briquette press BioBriket 300 MANUAL is made of two Briquette press BioBriket 150 MANUAL and on that way you get bigger capacity. If you have needs for even bigger capacity press, you can contact us and we will make it for you.


Materials: reed, straw, soybean straw, corn stalks, hay, sawdust
Installed power:32.4kW
Consumption: 22kW/h
Cooler:1x1m, 2x3m
Briquette lenght:280mm
Briquette diameter:80mm
Hole in briquette:40mm
Calorie value:up value 17200kcJ, down value 16300kcJ
Pressure control:manual(hidlaulic, weights)
Control switchbox:automatic

Price:   48000 EUR   

BONUS: For each bought machine with us, you get free delivery, installation, commissioning and training by an expert.

This product has a CE certificate for export to EU countries.

Napomena: Kako bi briketirka radila potrebno je imati mlin za pripremu materijala za briketiranje u skladu sa zahtevima briketirke. Kvalitet samlevenog materijala utiče na kvalitet briketa i rad same priketirke. Potrebne standarde koje mlin treba da ispuni možete saznati od nas. Preporučujemo upotrebu Mlina čekićara TIP300.