Extruder is made for thermal processing - extruding soybean. During the extruding process soybean is heated up to temperature of 120-135°C. During extruding of soybean, harmful matter is eliminated from seed and proteins are activated wich gives base quality for full-fat soybean grits. Percentage of proteins inside soybean grits is 33-36%. During extruding process previously cutted material is heating up to temperature wich depends from material that is extruding, with goal to get better energetic value. Extruder is mostly used for food mixing, on farms and modern agriculture households. It can extrude and thermally process all types of grains.

Extruder TIP 500 have capacity of 400-500kg per hour. Important detail is that capacity depends from soybean moisture, the bigger moisture is - the smaller capacity is. Installed power is 55kW. It have dispenser with frequent regulator.

It can work together with Cold oil press TIP 500 to be able to get high quality soybean cake. Percentage of proteins inside soybean cake is 42-46%.


Height: 1500mm
Width: 2300mm
Lenght: 2300mm
Weight: 1140kg
Installed power: 55kW
Connector: Three-phase
Thermoregulation: digital
Control switchbox: yes
Dispenser: frequent regulator
Capacity: 400-500kg

Guarantee : 12 months
Delivery time: 15 days

Price:  18500 EUR 

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This product has a CE certificate for export to EU countries.