Cold oil presses from TIP FOOD series are designed for producing cold pressed oil for human use. They can work individually or as a part of small cold oil factory systems.

Depending what seed you want to press, you can setup press with tools and manuals that comes with the press. If you wish to press some seeds that are not mentioned in manual, please contact us for additional help.

All parts of Cold oil press TIP FOOD from our offer, are made from INOX 316 L quality. Presses are fully compatible with HCCP standard.

Presa za hladno cedjenje ulja tip FOOD


Height: 1800mm
Width: 800mm
Length: 1300mm
Weight: 195kg
Installed power: 3kW
Three-phase connection
-1000kg seeds per day: sunflower seed, soybean seed, flax, oilseed rape
-800kg seeds per day:hemp, hazelnut, poppy, sesame
-600kg seeds per day:gourd, walnut

Frequent regulator
Thermal regulator
Material: INOX 316A
It can process all seeds with tools change
Capacity of the basket: 100kg
Supports HCCP standard

Guarantee : 12 months
Delivery the 15 days

Price:  4250 EUR 

BONUS: For each bought machine with us, you get free delivery, installation, commissioning and training by an expert.

This product has a CE certificate for export to EU countries.

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