Press for processing sunflower seeds, soybean and oilseed rape. Process itself takes place at 42°C, first we preheated press head on 60°C, then press start to work and maintain needed temperature with friction. As finished product from this process you get cold pressed oil and protein rest in shape of cake. Cold pressed oil you can further use as a raw material for bio diesel production (take a look at our bio diesel processors) and a protein rest you can use as a quality add-on in animal diet. Depending what seeds you are processing it is necessary to set up parameters on press itself by the guidelines you get with press.

Cold oil press TIP 1000 has a capacity of 400kg of seeds per day. It is made for small farms and agriculture households.

Presa za hladno cedjenje ulja tip 1000


Height: 1800mm
Width: 800mm
Length: 1300mm
Weight: 180kg
Installed power: 2.2kW
Three-phase connection
Capacity:1000kg seeds per day
Material: coated sheet metal
It can press: soybean seeds, sunflower seeds,
oilseed rape, flax
Capacity of the basket: 100kg

For soybean seeds it is necessary Thermal add-on for soybean TIP 1000

Guarantee : 12 months
Delivery the 2 - 5 days

Price:  2900 EUR 

BONUS: For each bought machine with us, you get free delivery, installation,commissioning and training by an expert.

This product has a CE certificate for export to EU countries.

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